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Friday, October 7, 2011

The New Deal

The country needs a return to the Bill of Rights.  The Bill of Rights was designed for a very specific purpose, namely to give the people the right to overthrow the government should it become corrupt, which it has in spades; unfortunately, the greater majority of the population has been stupefied into apathy & fear by the thoughtform creation of the powers behind the government. The name of this thoughtform that has reached deitific proportions is "Consumerism". This thing keeps humans constantly dissatisfied, but instead of encouraging them to address the roots of their dissatisfaction within themselves, it convinces them that material possessions will solve all their problems while at the same time reinforcing their inadequacy because no matter what, someone else always has something bigger & better than they do. This causes them to work themselves into early graves, pumps their stress levels to homicidal proportions, & conditions them to view other beings as resources to be exploited or obstacles to be crushed underfoot.

Our political structure as it stands today supports this thoughtform & philosophy whether they admit it or not. Most humans, those in power & those on the street level, are afraid to question it or attempt to create a counter current of any efficacy because it will make their lives uncomfortable. Their preference is to wallow in depression, impotent rage,& declining whole being health than to take the risk of questioning the status quo, or worse yet, striking out against it. They are afraid to fail because failure is a cardinal sin in the church of the consumer god. Failure is weakness & makes you the prey of all those waiting to use you as a stepping stone in their own rat race. Unfortunately for the ignorant & not so ignorant masses, failure is the only way we learn & evolve. While success breeds more success, only failure breeds growth & evolution. Constant success breeds complacency & apathy in addition to stress & anxiety to maintain the level of success. Failure hurts, but it forces us to examine ourselves & learn what works & what does not. The hope is this will lead us to not making the same mistake twice, unfortunately, the conditioned human ego gets in the way many times & immediately tries to shift the blame from ourselves to some outside agency which then puts our focus on eliminating what we perceive as a threat to our success instead of admitting our failure & focusing on improving ourselves so that obstacle no longer applies to us because we have evolved beyond it.

Our country specifically & our world in general need a baseball bat to the face! There is no nice way of putting it. Our country needs to be shaken out of its comfort zone & instead of pointing fingers, we need to look down the arm. We need to admit our failures & short comings & work to overcome them. We need to attempt to make amends for those we've wronged instead of buying them off or sweeping them under the rug & forgetting about them. If we truly had our own self-interest at heart, we would cease going out of our way to one up each other & cooperate. In this way, we all benefit & we all evolve; in this way humanity evolves & the planet becomes the jewel & the paradise it once was.

For this to be realized, it will take pain, determination, & defiance in the face of annihilation. We have to accept that we will suffer & may not survive the process in this body, but choose to suffer, choose to risk everything, choose to finally throw off the chains of the consumer idol & be free! Know that we will be opposed at every step & face insurmountable opposition, but every blow we strike & every word we speak erodes the edifice & eventually it will fall!

Are we not Knights? Have we not declared our fealty to Chaos? A knight sees opposition & faces it, no matter what. They accept death with every breath & still stand in its face. Why? Because they have made the choice to do what is right; not for anything else but the ideals & honor they hold in their own hearts. That is the true definition of a knight; that is the true definition of nobility. The commoner has the option of being apathetic & self-serving because they either know nothing else or they have chosen to allow their circumstances to rule them. A noble has the means & the resources to rise above complacency & choose to suffer for what they believe in. Nothing in life happens to a noble; everything is their choice & by their will, & they accept the consequences thereof without passing the buck. Only the nobility were allowed to be knights originally, & this was the reason; at least in my mind.

Help me to create this reality. We are all in the unique position to strike on both the physical & the non-physical theaters. Lets put it together & make it "real"!


  1. You have put into words what I think in my mind!

    Great post, and unfortunately very true. If we would all make an effort, and abandon our idiotic behaviour and ideas, the world could be a real paradise.

  2. I'm glad to hear it, Brother, & thanks! I've found I've been too specific with my previous blogs & generally let them wither for lack of stuff to write about. I'm hoping the general approach will keep me more prolific.

    Many Blessings!

  3. I've just become your first follower!

    I look forward to read more of your work.

    My regards, Nightcaller.

  4. Congratulations on the new blog page.

    - Amadi